It’s the 14th. I am not a mushy person. But I do appreciate my valentine. (I know, using those words I feel like I’m in Sense & Sensibility and MaryAnn is going to reprimand me for using those insipid words. But hey, I’m really really not mushy.)

I’ve been married to my valentine for 16 1/2 years. We have lived in two provinces, had 5 children, and learned a whole lot in the process. That process was long and painful at times.

Don’t let that make you think we know a lot now. We were just really really stupid before. We are just now starting to get a clue. Seriously.

I am thankful for what I have experienced, both good and bad, and for what we can now say that we have. It wasn’t always good. Oh my, no. But there are so many people  I meet that had hard times, too, and then packed it in. Gave up. They do not know the satisfaction, even the happiness, of the other side of endurance.

One thing I have learned with my valentine is how pain can burn life lessons deep, never to be forgotten. And, how enduring those hard times (that will always come if you live at all) brings more joy and security in a relationship than many will ever have the happiness of finding.

Happy Valentine’s Day Hubby!