It is a regular little winter storm here today. So cozy. Boys out shovelling and playing in the new white stuff and mom chillaxing in by the fire. Love afternoons of quietness.

My daughter loves her own little camera and is learning some new things. Whenever the weather changes the least little bit she loves to run outside and try a few new shots. This one is one of my all time favourites that she has done. I’m quite impressed with what one can do with a regular little camera!! I wish I had learned how to use mine to its fullest potential all those years I had one attached to me.

A few weeks ago we all went over to my parents for the morning. Hubby decided he wanted to tackle a newly fallen tree on their property. Why not? A cold & icy day is a perfect day to climb a tree with a chainsaw in hand to work away. Of course.

There were 8 of the grandkids on site to watch/help. I am not an outdoorsy person. Not at all. Except in summer & fall when it is warm. I was proud of myself for even going out to see what was going on. Really, I’m a big wimp. I’d rather clean a toilet than go out for a walk in the cold.

I was also slightly relieved when hubby’s chainsaw broke. That meant he couldn’t slip, fall, and cut an arm off.

See, my daughter documented the whole thing. She knew I wanted pic’s of everything and I just had to concentrate on keeping warm and smiling…

Another very cool something to see in a nearby tree…Can you see it???

Take a closer look…

And still closer…

We looked it up in our National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds and we believe it is a Northern Harrier.

Haven’t noticed any around here before. We were all quite impressed.

Happy Monday!!

~ Shannon