A no picture post. How lame is that?!

I am bored and want to chat away on my blog. It’s MY blog so I can do that.

Here is a list of some random things about today:

*I had a cinnamon roll and 4 cheesecake squares for breakfast… and a Motrin. It was a headache morning, what can I say?! 😉

*It was icy on the church road this morning and church was cancelled. Life in a country church.

*I started reading Helen Keller’s autobiography. Man, she’s a good read.


*My daughter and I watched a craft tutorial on Youtube and made some really funky paper flowers this afternoon. We’re awesome. I am so utterly crafty it would make y’all jealous.(major facitiousness going on here).


*I made some new photography business plans and am totally pumped about this coming photo season!! I cannot wait to get it started!!!


*I am still loving one of the latest movies I watched. I tell everyone about it. It’s a Kleenex keeper… and it’s clean!!! The Lost Valentine, you have to watch it. Oh my goodness, I sobbedd and sobbed. But in a good way.


That is officially all the random facts that I can pull out of my head quickly. My blogging itch is satisfied and I even learned that I can blog from my ipad. Woo hoo!