It is so weird how time flies and changes things.
Sarah & I were on our way to another photo shoot and I’m taken way back in time. Like, 30 years back. Crazy.
The kids we were going to get pictures of are the children of a childhood classmate. We spent 13 years in the same classroom/school. It just seems so strange to be meeting up with people I grew up with all these years later. We all have kids, husbands, family, life… different from backpacks, lunch boxes, and high school drama.
Now here we are…. she has 4!! kids and she has enough to keep her busy 24/7 filling others lunch boxes and back packs, and will soon be listening to her kids high school drama.

I got to know the oldest two a bit through a church program a couple years ago. They are twins!! I’m always jealous that others got twins and I didn’t. C’est la vie.

The younger two didn’t really know me from a hole in the ground. The littlest guy ran away from me right away and I learned that many young friends could be made through candy… if a photographer had any! I will carry me some jujubes at all times from this point on. Then I will be irresistible. (Insert evil & powerful laugh).

They have a great yard and old railroad tracks behind their place. They must have a great time exploring back in those woods.

Thanks for a chance to do some pictures with your chillins’, Erin. 🙂