We’re still at it. As much as possible. We had the cold/flu hit our house and lost a couple of days, but we still managed to do well.

When I get up in the morning my whole body aches. When I go to bed at night all I see is apples apples apples as I’m trying to get to sleep. We’ve had some incredible picking this year and are very thankful for the chance to make some money as a family.

We had to do this:

… in order to get this shot of the row we’re working in:

Apple bins for as far as the eye can see. Is that not truly a pickers paradise? We are averaging 1 bin for every 3 trees. Life is good.

The cousins are working in the row beside us and are getting the same results. We’re all pumped. : )
When we finish up the morning bins we go down to the farm for the kids to eat and get a little swinging time in. Then it’s back to the rat race in the orchard. They are long days but apple season is so short for us we have to make the most of it.

Now just because it’s fun and we live in apple country I thought it might be fun to quiz you a little. I’ve got 3 pictures for you and I want you to leave a comment telling me what kinds of apples you think each on is. K? If it’s any consolation, we’ve been picking them for a few years and still can’t tell many of them apart.

Okay, here’s picture #1:

Picture #2:

Picture #3:

If you are an apple expert it won’t be any fun if you tell us all we’re idiots and spill the beans. We are not but humble Valley folk and enjoy our little games.

So, what do you think they are?
Here’s one young lady who thinks she knows… She is the same young lady that let me borrow some of her pictures and use her camera for some of my own. : )