How did that happen?! September is my ultimate favourite month and I kind of missed it. Now it’s officially fall and I’m cold and can look forward to having cold blue hands until June. Fun.

We are in the middle of apple pickin’ season. Mister man, we have big plans to pick our brains out this year. Pretty excited about it all. At least, we were on the first day. I’m still excited because it’s moola in our pockets. Oh yeah, love the moola. : )
Here we are on our first day in the orchard. The ‘before’ picture. (Didn’t you know that rubber boots, a messy ponytail, and old sweatshirts are all the rage this year in the orchards?? Where have you been? PHhhhh!)

Getting to work…

We were pretty excited. We beat one of our own records while we were there. Yep. Pretty cool we are.

We celebrated with a bag of apples and cider. If you have not tasted an apple right off the tree you have been seriously deprived. Seriously.