My second wedding. Still very nervous.
I had met Stephanie a couple weeks earlier and she gave me the lay of the land. She is an organized lady, I could easily see. Quiet, extremely nice, so pretty… made me a little less nervous. : )

She used to date Doug way back in the day. Their ways parted for a number of years and all these years later they met again and knew that they wanted to be together forever this time. She wanted a simple outdoor wedding and I was thrilled to be asked to do pictures. Here I am just as I meet up with her while she is getting gussied up for the all-important day. Is she not pretty?! : )

The girls were looking so cute and waiting to get their hair done. These gals aren’t shy and made friends right away.

My niece & I met up with the Groomsmen to get a couple before shots. They were pretty relaxed and enjoying their time as only guys do.

More to come….