I’ve known these guys for about 6 years through our church family. When we first moved back to NS we got to meet a lot of new people that had started attending since we had moved 7 years prior to that. The Mullens were part of the ‘new look’ in the pews. And I have to admit I thought Kelly gorgeous. A classic beauty. I didn’t get a chance to really get to know her until we both were helping in VBS over a few summers. She’s a lot of fun and I wish I had time to get to know her more. We both live very busy lives, in different ways, and our paths just don’t meet up easily. That’s one reason why we love our church. We still connect weekly and consider our whole body as friends. 🙂

The men of the family. Good lookin’ group of guys.

The thing is, Kelly is fighting cancer. Again.
We all hurt for these guys so much. SO much. She is a go-getter and an amazing example through all she is going through. They all are.

We’re praying for a miracle for Kelly & her family. We serve a big God and you just never know what He might do. God is good, all the time.

Thank you for coming over Mullen family! It meant a lot to me and I really hope you are pleased with the end result.