It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place with lovely decorations. I loved the simplicity of it all. Relax, enjoy the day, celebrate with the love birds.

Caitlin’s grandfather was performing the ceremony and her grandmother looked beautiful while waiting for the special moment when the bride would make her appearance…

Both Mom & Dad were with Caitlin as she took the last few steps before becoming Daniels wife.

First kiss as man & wife. Daniel, you did good. I could tell she felt special and treasured in this, their first moments as newlyweds.

Love the first kiss shot, but I love the moment after even more…

They knew each other as children and all through those years they never thought they would end up here, smiling at each other, looking at a lifetime of love together. Just a few short months ago they discovered they were meant to be more than just friends and fell in love.

… still more to come….