My sister is home for a visit. She hasn’t been home in two years!! Time flies when you are visiting with little ones but we managed to get in a teensy weensy photo shoot of these cuties.

This little girl is full of energy. Never stops. She is beautiful and I covet her colouring and her hair.

Meet the youngest. He is C.U.T.E. He loves his mamma and my youngest is terrified of him. Not sure why, maybe it’s a jealousy thing.

Wanna talk about fire trucks? How about planes that fly way up high? Maybe an ambulance that carries sick people?? Ooooo, this is your man!

He didn’t mind getting pictures done. He was quite cooperative, and so, I have a great many that I’d love to share. 🙂

It’s so nice to see them all again, meet the little one for the first time and all that. Families shouldn’t be allowed to move that far away. There should be a law against it.