Morgan, Sara, and beautiful light made for a very fun photo session almost 2 weeks ago. Right after supper is my most favourite time of the day. The light is magical and I always grow homesick for a world I have never known. You could only know what I meant by that if you were a kindred spirit…. anyway, back to the pictures. We had a great time running around the property getting some great shots of these beautiful girls. Morgan has come over to my house to help change diapers and bake bread in anticipation of the day that she will be able to do the same while waiting for her hubby to come home. One day these gals are going to have bustling homes with children running around their feet and they’ll look back on the day at Watch the Sky Farm when they were young, single, and carefree and smile in fondness… all because we took a picture of the moment. You know, take a picture, it lasts longer. Anyway… back to the pictures

Morgan loves farming. She would love to live a life around animals, gardens, and all such things. So she came prepared to visit Twink, our cow.

Sara is actually from one of the families we pummelled with a million questions before we bought our dairy cow. They know everything about those things. We knew nothing about those things.

Why not give you a few more to look at??! I’m just waiting for my chill in’s to get back from the berry fields.

This might be one of my favourites. 🙂

Sara & Morgan, I hope you like ’em!